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RIM Happy CNY 2014

Rim Polymers Industries will like to take this opportunity to express our most heart-felt thanks and appreciation to all our customers who have supported us all these years, resulting in one of the biggest breakthrough we have achieved for the year 2013!

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’! Indeed our GMA brand has come a long way since early year 2000 where our brand ‘laid it first piece of brick’ with our very first machine into the market.

With our rock-solid foundation, coupled with all the key pillars and structures of our committed team in-place, we have steadily and successfully braved all the storms to emerge victorious and triumphant in stacking high up all the major projects deals globally especially in 2013!

Today our GMA brand has left a global footprint in the hearts of our many valuable clients- from Singapore, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA, Uzbekistan, UAE, and Vietnam, etc who have unanimously selected us to be their sole equipments provider for their new PU foaming lines and HCFC phase-out projects using Cyclopentane as alternative blowing agent.

Our branding motto is to always grow hand-in-hand with our global customers. Apart from being the key supplier of PU related equipments for many reputable customers across the major industries such as automotive, refrigerator, air-con ducting, and pipe insulation etc., we are also one of the few suppliers specially chosen by United Nations (with affiliated organizations such as World Bank, UNDP, UNIDO) to undertake many Cyclopentane conversion projects this year. Due to all these proven references and track records, many other medium companies have also insisted on ordering our foaming equipments as they know we fully understand their specific industry needs, provide them a total solution, not to mention empathize with their bottom lines to maximize their returns and minimize down-time.

Above all, these accolades and achievements today came from our customers who have enabled us to successfully overcome all our skeptics and critics to become the leading global player in the polyurethane industry today and into the future!

Steven Hoong
Помощник Генерального директора

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